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N.C.G. has been operating since 2003 covering towns and villages in South Lanarkshire we do domestic and commercial work. We have now introduced the wash and reach system and this is now our method for cleaning windows above ground level which is in line with Health and Safety regulations.

Water is fed up through a pole into a soft bristle brush and through jets in the brush on to the window and the dirt is agitated with the brush and the water then rinses the glass. The water used is put through a reverse osmosis system to remove the chemicals from the water and it is then pure water being used to rinse the glass without the use of any soap.

Advantages of the water fed system:
pole_on_windowNo more ladders clanging against the building, windows stay cleaner longer as there is no soap for the dirt to cling to, difficult to reach windows over conservatories can now be cleaned, no need to go on to roof tiles to reach windows, frames are cleaned every time also, windows are left to dry naturally, and the operator cleans safely from the ground. Third storey flats and town houses can also be cleaned with this system as the pole can reach windows up to 40 feet.

Drive Ways
We also clean mono block driveways and use a power washer and flat surface cleaner to remove the grime and algae from the blocks before re-sanding all the joints to complete the process giving your driveway a complete face lift.

We also clean conservatories giving the whole conservatory from the P.V.C. on the roof that would normally be covered in algae as well as the roof and all framing and finishing up with cleaning the conservatory gutters.

Gutter Cleaning
Gutter cleaning is also carried out by us and you will find our price for this very reasonable and this is one of the jobs that should be carried out once a year to ensure you have water running to the down-pipe and not overflowing over the gutter.

Close Cleaning
Close cleaning is another service we carry out and this can be from a regular fortnightly or monthly clean and disinfect of the corridor, landings and stairs to a complete one off wash down of the walls also.

Window Cleaners Lanarkshire

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